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from Jim Miotke Love your photos!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note, Alice, to tell you how much I enjoyed your photos.

I too love to shoot with my iPhone (for one thing , it's so easy to carry it with me everywhere I go). I combine this with shooting with my Olympus mirrorless camera... more bulky but better for making big enlargements of my favorite photos.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos! Previous Response:
from Alice Kozar
on February 05, 2016
 Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comments! This gives me a Big Boost of Happiness!!!

Hope I can master this Website to share more of my collection!

I would like to know more about mirrorless camera choices, since I am thinking of selling my Nikon D7000 and wonderful lenses in favor of the lighter, newer mirrorless cameras....still struggle with "telephoto" needs with the iPhone 6s, even with the great "Olloclip"lenses.

Best wishes! 

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